Manjapuik Marapulai


Manjapuik Marapulai

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Manjapuik Marapulai” is a unique wedding tradition from the Minangkabau community in West Sumatra, Indonesia. In this tradition, it is the bride’s family that “fetches” or “proposes to” the groom, which is the opposite of the more common wedding customs in Indonesia where typically the groom’s family proposes to the bride.

Elements of Manjapuik Marapulai

Preparation: The bride’s family makes various preparations for the manjapuik marapulai procession. This includes preparing traditional attire, food, and other necessary items.

Fetching Procession: The bride’s family, often accompanied by several relatives and neighbors, will go to the groom’s house to fetch him. They bring various gifts or offerings as a sign of respect.

Rituals and Customs: The procession is carried out with strict adherence to traditional customs and rituals. Usually, there is a traditional dialogue between the two families, accompanied by traditional music and dances.

Respect and Honor: Upon arrival at the groom’s house, the bride’s family pays respect to the groom’s parents. They then escort the groom to the bride’s house for the marriage ceremony.

Marriage Ceremony and Reception: Once the groom arrives at the bride’s house, the marriage ceremony (akad nikah) is performed. This is followed by a wedding reception attended by the extended family and relatives of both parties.

Significance of Manjapuik Marapulai

The manjapuik marapulai tradition reflects the matrilineal culture of the Minangkabau people, where lineage is traced through the mother’s side. It also highlights the high regard and respect for women in Minangkabau culture.

This tradition is not just a ritual but also a symbol of close kinship, cooperation, and mutual support within the family and community. By maintaining and preserving this tradition, the Minangkabau people uphold their unique cultural identity amidst the changes of modern times.

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