Here are the stages of a traditional Minangkabau wedding


Here are the stages of a traditional Minangkabau wedding

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Here are the stages of a traditional Minangkabau wedding (baralek) :

Maminang (Engagement):

The bride’s family visits the groom’s family to propose. If accepted, both families exchange tokens as a sign of engagement.

Baleg (Choosing the Date):

Both families discuss and decide on an auspicious date for the wedding.


This event involves the bride’s extended family (both maternal and paternal) giving gifts, which can include jewelry, money, or other valuable items, as a form of support for the bride.

Manjalang (Introduction):

After the wedding ceremony, the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to formally introduce themselves and foster good relations.

Akad Nikah (Wedding Ceremony):

The marriage contract is signed, either at home or in a mosque, following traditional customs and agreements between both parties.

Aleh-alih (Reception):

A wedding reception held at the bride’s home, inviting relatives, friends, and neighbors to celebrate.

Manjalang Ka Rumah Mertua (Visiting the In-Laws):

The bride, along with her family, visits the groom’s home to introduce herself and establish a good relationship with her new family.

Balik Pulang (Returning Home):

The groom takes his bride back to their own home, signifying the start of their married life together.

Each region in Minangkabau may have variations or additional stages, but these are the general steps involved in a traditional Minangkabau wedding

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