Determining the date for a wedding or for “masak etongan”


Determining the date for a wedding or for “masak etongan”

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Determining the date for a wedding or for “masak etongan” (a traditional large cooking event in preparation for a wedding or other significant events) according to Minang tradition involves several important considerations related to local customs and beliefs.

Family Discussions:

Initially, the families of both parties usually hold discussions to decide on a suitable date. This decision must be agreed upon by all parties involved.

Calendar and Auspicious Days:

The Minang people often use traditional calendars to find an auspicious day. Determining a good day usually involves calculations based on local customs and beliefs, such as avoiding days that are considered unlucky.

Suitable Time:

Besides finding an auspicious day, the timing of the event is also important. For example, certain months might be considered better for weddings or other significant events.

Local Customs and Practices:

Each region within the Minangkabau culture may have slightly different customs or practices when it comes to determining a wedding date. It is important to follow the guidelines that apply to the specific local area.

Consultation with Elders:

Elders or respected figures within the family or community are often consulted to provide advice and guidance in selecting the appropriate date.

For the “masak etongan” event, the same principles apply. Typically, this cooking event takes place a few days before the wedding, and the date for “masak etongan” is also chosen by considering factors like convenience and readiness of all parties involved.

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