South Padang District of Padang City


South Padang District of Padang City

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The South Padang District (Kecamatan Padang Selatan) is one of the districts in the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province in Indonesia. Located in the southern part of Padang City, this district is known for its various attractions and essential facilities for both residents and visitors. Here are some key aspects of the South Padang District:

Geography and Administration

The South Padang District includes several administrative villages (kelurahan), such as:

Kelurahan Mata Air

Kelurahan Rawang

Kelurahan Seberang Padang

Kelurahan Alang Lawas

Kelurahan Belakang Pondok

Kelurahan Pasa Gadang

Kelurahan Batang Arau

Tourist Attractions

Padang Beach: Its proximity to the city center makes Padang Beach a popular destination. Visitors can enjoy beautiful ocean views and try various Padang’s local culinary delights.

Siti Nurbaya Bridge: This iconic bridge in Padang connects the Pasar Gadang area with Seberang Padang. The bridge is named after a character from the novel “Siti Nurbaya” by Marah Rusli.

Mount Padang: Located in Kelurahan Seberang Padang, Mount Padang is an archaeological site offering stunning views and significant historical value.

Education and Infrastructure

The South Padang District has various educational facilities, ranging from primary schools to higher education institutions. The district’s infrastructure is continuously developing, with the construction of roads, bridges, and public facilities to support the residents’ activities.

Economy and Culture

The economy in the South Padang District is supported by trade, services, and tourism sectors. The area is also known for its cultural diversity, particularly the rich Minangkabau traditions, and local cultural activities such as dance, music, and festivals.

The South Padang District is a vital area in Padang City, offering significant potential in tourism, education, and economy. With its various facilities and attractions, this district is a central hub of activity for the city and the province

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