Old Town of Padang


Old Town of Padang

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History and Background

The Old Town of Padang, also known as Padang Lama, is a historical part of the city of Padang, located on the west coast of Sumatra Island. This area has a long history dating back to the Dutch colonial era and was once a crucial trading hub due to its strategic natural harbor.

Architecture and Historical Buildings

One of the distinctive features of the Old Town of Padang is its well-preserved colonial architecture. Many buildings in this area showcase Dutch architectural styles characterized by large doors and windows, and high roofs designed for ventilation and cooling.

Some notable historical buildings in the Old Town of Padang include:

Bank Indonesia Building: An iconic building with grand colonial architecture.

Muaro Port: This port has witnessed the historical trading activities in Padang.

De Javasche Bank Building: Once a major bank during the colonial period.

Tourism and Culture

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