Mount Padang: The Legend of Siti Nurbaya in West Sumatra


Mount Padang: The Legend of Siti Nurbaya in West Sumatra

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History and Natural Beauty

Mount Padang, located on the west coast of Sumatra, offers a spectacular view from its peak, which stands about 80 meters above sea level. From the top, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the vast ocean, the bustling city of Padang, and stunning sunsets. The area is also surrounded by lush tropical forests, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and photographers.

In addition to its natural beauty, Mount Padang is home to a historical site known as the Mount Padang Fortress, a relic from the Dutch colonial era. This fortress was built to monitor the movement of ships in the Bayur Bay. Today, the remnants of the fortress remain visible and attract many tourists.

The Legend of Siti Nurbaya

The legend of Siti Nurbaya is one of the most famous folk tales in Indonesia, especially in West Sumatra. This story was first popularized in the novel “Siti Nurbaya: A Love Unrealized” by Marah Rusli, published in 1922. The novel tells the tragic love story of Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri, who were thwarted by societal and cultural pressures of the time.

According to the legend, Siti Nurbaya was a beautiful girl from a humble family who fell in love with Samsul Bahri, a young man from a wealthy family. However, their love was doomed because Siti Nurbaya was forced to marry Datuk Maringgih, a wealthy and greedy man. This marriage occurred because Siti Nurbaya’s father, Sulaiman, had a large debt to Datuk Maringgih.

Siti Nurbaya’s life with Datuk Maringgih was filled with suffering. Meanwhile, Samsul Bahri, heartbroken, left and eventually became a freedom fighter. The story ends tragically when Siti Nurbaya dies from being poisoned by Datuk Maringgih. Samsul Bahri, who returns to Padang to seek revenge, ultimately dies in battle.

Mount Padang and Siti Nurbaya

Mount Padang is often associated with the legend of Siti Nurbaya because it is said to be the place where Siti Nurbaya used to reflect and wait for Samsul Bahri. At the summit of Mount Padang, there is a large rock called the Tombstone of Siti Nurbaya. Although this rock is not an actual grave, many people regard it as a symbol of the unfulfilled love between Siti Nurbaya and Samsul Bahri.

Each year, many tourists visit Mount Padang to enjoy its natural beauty and to remember the tragic love story of Siti Nurbaya. This site serves as a testament to how legends and history can become powerful tourist attractions, drawing people to learn and feel the story behind the place.


Mount Padang in West Sumatra is a tourist destination that offers natural beauty and historical richness. The legend of Siti Nurbaya adds to its allure, attracting many to visit and reminisce about the tragic love story. With its stunning views and touching tale, Mount Padang is a must-visit place in West Sumatra.

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