Types of Chickens Around the World


Types of Chickens Around the World

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Chickens, with their vast diversity, have been domesticated and bred for thousands of years across the globe. Each country has its unique breeds, reflecting local culture, climate, and culinary preferences. Here’s a look at some notable types of chickens from various countries:

United States

Rhode Island Red: One of the most famous American breeds, known for its hardiness and excellent egg-laying capabilities. They have a deep red plumage and are a favorite among backyard farmers.

Plymouth Rock: Another popular breed, known for its friendly disposition and good meat quality. They have distinctive black and white barred feathers.

United Kingdom

Orpington: Developed in the late 19th century, these chickens are known for their large size, fluffy feathers, and gentle temperament. They come in various colors, including black, buff, and blue.

Sussex: This dual-purpose breed is valued for both its egg production and meat quality. Sussex chickens are friendly and have a variety of colors, the most common being speckled and light.


Marans: Renowned for their dark chocolate-colored eggs, Marans are also appreciated for their rich-tasting meat. They have a distinctive feathered shank and come in several colors, including black copper and cuckoo.

Bresse: Considered a gourmet breed, Bresse chickens are famous for their tender and flavorful meat. They are raised under specific conditions in the Bresse region and are distinguished by their blue legs, white feathers, and red comb.


Silkie: Known for their unique fluffy plumage, black skin, and bones, Silkies are often kept as ornamental birds. They are also used in traditional Chinese medicine due to their purported health benefits.

Langshan: A tall and elegant breed, Langshans are prized for their good meat quality and are also decent layers. They have a black, blue, or white plumage and feathered legs.


Ayam Cemani: A rare and striking breed, Ayam Cemani chickens are completely black, including their feathers, skin, and internal organs. They are highly valued for their unique appearance and are often associated with mysticism.

Ayam Kampung: The native chicken of Indonesia, known for its hardiness and adaptability. They are commonly found in rural areas and are appreciated for their flavorful meat.


Shamo: Originally bred for cockfighting, Shamo chickens are tall and muscular. They are now often kept for ornamental purposes due to their impressive stature and posture.

Onagadori: Famous for their incredibly long tail feathers, which can reach several meters in length. Onagadori chickens are kept primarily for ornamental purposes and are considered a national treasure in Japan.


Asil: Known for their fighting ability, Asil chickens are muscular and have a fierce appearance. They are also used in breeding programs to improve the robustness of other breeds.

Kadaknath: This breed is notable for its black flesh, bones, and feathers, similar to the Ayam Cemani. Kadaknath chickens are valued for their unique meat, which is believed to have medicinal properties.


The diversity of chicken breeds around the world showcases the rich agricultural heritage and culinary traditions of different regions. Whether for egg production, meat quality, or ornamental purposes, each breed offers unique characteristics that make them special.

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