Homes of Hope: Deriv Paraguay’s journey to empower underserved communities


Homes of Hope: Deriv Paraguay’s journey to empower underserved communities

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Deriv lends a helping hand building houses for underserved communities in Paraguay

Mediaportalanda, AREGUA, Paraguay, June 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Deriv is a leading online trading platform with a 25-year legacy of trust, innovation and service. This legacy extends to a commitment towards social responsibility, with active support for initiatives focused on environmental conservation and uplifting underprivileged communities. To mark Deriv’s 25th anniversary, the company plans to launch a series of CSR initiatives aimed at driving meaningful social betterment.

Deriv partnered with TECHO, a youth organisation in Paraguay, to provide housing solutions to underserved communities in the San Francisco Settlement, just outside of Asunción.

Deriv Paraguay and TECHO help underserved communities

For over six months, Deriv has dedicated its efforts to the construction of 10 new houses for families in dire need. The initial planning phase, now complete, saw Deriv lead on the timeline for construction of the houses as well as identifying communities, families most in need and allocation of resources. The comprehensive plan details logistics, including material procurement, transportation, and implementing stringent safety protocols for seamless project execution.

In addition to housing construction, Deriv is committed to improving the community’s overall quality of life and future prosperity. Initiatives include providing access to technology like laptops, hosting community forums, and offering mentorship and training programs.

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