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The island of Sumatra, Indonesia, is home to a rich variety of endemic flora, meaning plant species that are native to and found exclusively in this region. Here are some notable examples of Sumatra’s endemic flora:

Rafflesia arnoldii – Known for producing the largest individual flower on Earth.

Amorphophallus titanum (Titan arum) – Famous for its massive inflorescence and foul odor.

Shorea sumatrana – A type of dipterocarp tree, important for its timber.

Durio zibethinus (Durian) – While not exclusively endemic, Sumatra is a major region for this fruit.

Hopea beccariana – Another species of dipterocarp, valued for its wood.

Lithocarpus beccarianus – A type of oak tree found in the island’s rainforests.

Dipterocarpus elongatus – Yet another dipterocarp species native to Sumatra.

These plants contribute to Sumatra’s rich
biodiversity and play vital roles in the ecosystem and local cultures.

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