Hitachi Energy’s HVDC technology to power Marinus Link, a key step toward Australia’s


Hitachi Energy’s HVDC technology to power Marinus Link, a key step toward Australia’s

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Mediaportalada, An Australia-first using advanced HVDC technology to stabilize an increasingly

renewable grid — A transmission project of national significance to play a key role

in Australia’s energy transition to power 1.5 million homes — Hitachi Energy’s two-

way power transmission technology will unlock Tasmania’s world-class wind and hydro

storage resources to deliver affordable and reliable clean energy for Australians

Melbourne, Australia / Zurich, Switzerland, May 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hitachi

Energy has been selected by Marinus Link Pty Ltd (MLPL) to supply a high-voltage

direct current (HVDC) project of national significance, which will augment the

connection between mainland Australia and Tasmania’s grid.

The approximately 345-kilometer cable route HVDC system will enable the flow of

renewable power in both directions between the Victorian and Tasmanian states.

For the first time in Australia, Marinus Link will use advanced converter technology

at both ends of the link to stabilize and integrate more and more renewables into the

power grid.

The connection will enable the Tasmanian state to import excess supply of solar and

wind produced in Victoria, while reserving its hydro and storing the extra energy.

Clean hydropower can then feed the mainland grid when it is needed most, acting as a

large battery for the nation. Moreover, it strengthens the security of supply in the

Australian power grid in which electricity is increasingly generated from sustainable


Hitachi Energy will supply its HVDC Light® voltage source converter (VSC) stations in

the first stage of the project, which will convert alternating current (AC) to direct

current (DC) for efficient, long-distance transmission and DC to AC, where the

electricity is returned to the grid.

“As Australia is rapidly transforming its grid to support the integration of more

clean energy sources, we are proud of our HVDC technology that will help transmit

large amounts of electricity with higher stability and lower electrical losses,” said

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